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Anonymous 06/21/2024 (Fri) 20:09:33 No. 5427
Out of curiosity, what's your primary source of images when posting? I find most of mine on other boards and boorus but there are also some open directories which are interesting to go through
>>5427 >there are also some open directories Those are dishonorable. They allow invaders who don't lurk or like anime to pretend to be one of Us.
>>5428 Why open directories specifically. Is it any different from grabbing an image from somewhere else
>>5429 Because they're fully constituted of ready-to-post cherrypicked reaction images with matching filenames (unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean by open directory). Anyone can just come from a dicksword into a site like that, grab several images in a minute, and post them on imageboards. Meanwhile the honorable path is lurking and slowly building your collection over the years, or making your own images. I literally accumulated over nine thousand images in less than 3 years, though granted I used to be less selective before and a lot are garbage or too niche.
>>5427 I don't post images simple as that. When I was younger I used to spend hours on boorus, until I realized imageboards are simply not worth so much of my time.
(76.09 KB 958x956 20240419_190947.jpg)

>>5427 I always save my images directly from Xwitter or Pixiv, from the artists themselves. I save around 100 images on Xwitter daily, 99% of it being Touhou images, and around 20 images on pixiv daily, 95% of it being Touhou images. This kind of means that I have a lot of fanart qnd don't really have a lot of reaction images, so sometimes I get these from threads in 4chan
>>5427 i dont watch much anime or read much manga anymore so it is just boorus and boards
(108.28 KB 720x720 1680786102754186.jpg)

>>5427 Tumblr, Xwitter, Gel, 4chins, and often I make my own from my favorite animays or game cutscenes
>>5481 aw she's so cute, but Saten [b]is[/] better, no matter what you say
(91.33 KB 1712726084017.gif)

Mostly other boards. Whenever I'm browsing any board, I save any image I like (Anything I find amusing/cute) which has grown into a large collection of over 24 thousand files
This board is goddamn mix of casual and oldfag
>>5537 How do you mean?
>>5541 It is some assumption that anyone who doesnt hoard images doesnt post much. I think it just is different people do things different. Not every image is worth saving.
>>5558 I can’t hoard images like I used to. I used to have images from like 2018 on a micro sd but i kept having to change phones at that time for cell provider reasons so it gets tiring sometimes. I also can’t be assed with cloud storage or having to plug in a backup ssd just to get some images off there.

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