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Welcome to hikari3.ch!

A very comfy imageboard for people that like to take it easy. To get started, read the rules, then read the FAQ. After that, you can start posting!

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Welcome to hikari3.ch!

"Love palace~"

A very comfy imageboard for people that like to take it easy. To get started, read the rules, then read the FAQ. After that, you can start posting!

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>>/en/3371 >>3367 As long as you properly lock the enclosure, you will not have any surprises in the morning:snicker:. But even if this ha
>>/en/3370 characters in casual clothing will never not be cute to me...
>>/en/3369 >>3367 l-lewd...
>>/jp/671 >>630 Yes. I will not forget to feed her...
>>/en/3368 >>3367 That's no snake that's my wife!
>>/en/3367 >>3345 Imagine waking up with a snake in your bed though :down:
>>/en/3365 Let's brighten your day with some cute pics :happy2:
>>/jp/670 things happened quickly and simultaneously everywhere, China stole all the technology immediately too
>>/v/506 >>505 the trailers for the two games i mentioned! not too much shown off that i didn't already know, but still cool. https://
>>/h3/376 >>374 Which board? :down:
>>/en/3364 >>3361 Yup! They are indeed scary and as far as I know, the most intelligent ones in nature. I even saw the video ofrienduy tha
>>/en/3361 >>3360 crows (and ravens) are pretty cool though the thought of keeping one as a pet kind of freaks me out, apparently they ha
>>/en/3360 I am a deeply troubled person, so I really want a owl or a crow… Or both! I don't know, I think they're cool. :happy2:
>>/en/3359 >>3355 leech frol the state. see how to get neetbux in your country

Global Rules

The content posted by users here do not reflect the views or opinions of anyone running the site. These rules should be common sense, but if for whatever reason, you violate any of them, you may be restricted from posting. If you think your ban wasn't deserved, tell me.

    1.) Lurk before posting. If you're new here, it's recommended to get a good idea of what the community is like before posting.

    2. You must be 18 years of age or older to browse this website.

    3. You will not upload, post, receive, or transmit content that violates local or United States.

    4. Any media that depicts the sexual abuse of children is explicitly forbidden. (This includes any jailbait/borderline content. Even if fictional, realistic/3DCG depictions)

    5. Post threads and images in the appropriate boards.

    6. Ecchi is allowed, but any showings of PENIS or VAGINA will be either deleted or spoilered.

    7. Posts with gore will be deleted, and will earn you a ban.

    8. Buzzwords and most nu-internet slang are not banned but should be kept minimum.

    9. NO raids, politics, useless posts, pepes, and wojacks.

    10. The most important rule: Keep it comfy. We're here to spread love, not hate!

    (Don't start flamewars. Take it easy! Know when a joke is taken too far)

/aca/ - Academic Topics board

    All threads must be on-topic. A good rule of thumb: if the field under which your thread falls has an academic journal dedicated to it, it is on topic.

/en/ - General board

    This is the main board where anything can happen... (All global rules still apply, and you must speak in engrish)

/f/ - Flash board

    Currently the only board where erotic content is allowed. Anything suspicious will be banned.

    (I recommend you put details in the subject line)

/h3/ - hikari3 Discussion & Questions board

    Only post questions, suggestions, or anything about the site.

/jp/ - Otaku Culture

    1. All images and discussions must be related to anime, manga, or Japanese culture.

    2. Don't delibrerately spoil any series'.

    3. Disrespect towards Japanese culture is not allowed.

/t/ - Technology

    1. This board is for general discussion on the topic of technology. For more theoretical matters post in /aca/

    2. Let's all love Lain.

/v/ - Video Games

    1. Posts must be relevant to video games

    2. Spoil any spoiler files (duh)


Friend Sites

If you like this site, you should consider visiting these cool sites:

  • wapchan.org - Comfy imageboard for discussion of retro anime
  • /kind/ - A kind image board for discussing kind things

These are for if you would like to have quick conversations instant conversations with other hikari3 users.

(These are not meant to be replacement for discussions on the boards however, try to keep the discussions there)

Discord (Post Notifications)

The primary use for this is to be notified when a post is made on the site, but is also linked with the IRC chat.

Invite link

(The invite expires every 30 days, may not always be up to date)


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