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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hikari3.ch?

A simple imageboard based on being comfy, relaxed and fun.

It was founded in May, 2023 by syrno, the current administrator.

What is an imageboard?

A type of web forum based around anonymous discussions and images. Anonymity being the main difference from traditional forums, which allows people to focus more on posts instead of identity.

Is there a way to authenticate my identity?

Yes, by using a tripcode, although we encourage more anonymous posting. It’s more fun that way!

What are tripcodes?

After entering your name and #, you will put in a password, to which it converts the password into a code, which is then displayed next to the user's name or post. Secure tripcodes use ##. For example, you would put: name##password in the name field.

Who is that blue woman?

Hikari-chan, our mascot. The art of her on the homepage was created by MEMEow.