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linux distros for beginners

what distro of linux is the best for a beginner in linux?

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What's your favorite programming language /t/?

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Hey, does anyone know how I can enter the closed shell system?

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What are your methods of protecting your privacy from giant tech and internet corporations?

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My Artix broke after updating and rebooting..

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Desktop thread

How does your desktop look like /t/? How ricy is it?

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What's your text editor of choice? Vim for me

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Homescreen thread

It aint much but its honest work

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how to make your own imageboard?

I want to make my own imageboard but I don't know how to make one. I don't know how to code haha. how to host it online and paying servers? I alao want it to support a lot of files (like webm, webp, gif, pdf, etc...)

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Gentoo Linux General

Any Gentoo Friends on this board? If so tell me what you love or hate about it. What USE flags do you use? In the meanwhile I will post some of my favorite Gentoo Desktops!!

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Battlestations Thread

Post your own battlestation here! I got a new speakers and a subwoofer since three days ago!

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Is it possible the change the icons set for the peer flags in qbittorrent?

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Recommendations for Windows laptops similar in appearance to the iBook G3 It seems like such a thing should exist with how the other computer makers love copying off of Apple, but I'm having a hard time finding any

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inspired by: Let's make our own webring Hikari3! How to participate? Post the following: * Link to your homepage * 240x60 .gif banner for your webpage Each anon will can then advertise other anon's sites on their homepage with their banner and a clickable link! I will also keep a directory of everyone's link on my site: (picrelated is the banner btw)

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How do you git gud?

How did some of you learn to code? My attention span is literally worse than a toddler
Your fortune: Bad Luck

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What are some good /t/echnology related jobs?

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What was your first Linux distro? Over a decade ago, on my shitty vista laptop, I flashed Gentoo on to it, because people said it was best to start with in a chatroom I was in... I ended up figuring it out somehow though.

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Do you still use CRT monitors? I do

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What linux distro should I use? Help me out, friends, I'm so confused.

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what programming languages does hikari use?

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Is the programming socks meme true? Do they really make you a better programmer?

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raspberry pi

what can I do with this little thing? I know you can do little robots or mini pc or host a server but what else can it do?

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What's the absolutely kino wifi hacking app you use?

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Can you guys browse I got perma IP banned from the site because I wrote a spamming bot shell script and bumped half of the threads on the site I feel guilty now later the admin restored everything Have you ever done something wrong on the internet hikari?

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Making the computer *yours*

People tend towards ricing their desktops, but this is really just visual stuff. What kind of touches do you have to make the computer an extension of yourself rather than collections of other peoples software? I personally set the login PAM auth settings to have rootok as sufficient. getty logins run from uid 1 so you don't have to put in a password. Unprivileged users (including ssh) can't login without the rest of the authentication modules. Having a file that gets printed whenever a shell starts as a motd is pretty useful too.

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How do I use computers?

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I have a harddrive/disk and I want to extract family picturs traped inside. I broke the pc by moving the cable inside the computer now it's broken and that's all I have. I am a tech illetrate I don't even know if it's doable. can someone help me? the pics are very important

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Where do you discuss programming online?

I just don't know what places are good anymore... I used to be a regular on 4chan/g/ several years ago, but it's gone to shit so much that even I can't take it anymore and I haven't been able to figure out where else to discuss tech/programming online. Do you have any places where you go regularly? The only one that I use other than random subreddits for whichever topic is hackernews, but that place is just no fun at all

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/t/ project

we make our own OS

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What kind of projects are you working/worked on /t/? Or if you're not working on something, do you have any ideas you'd like to work on? Share your progress or showcase your works

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What was your first computer? First OS you used? Do you still have it? Mine was a shitty iMac G4, but I got some DELL running Windows XP shortly after

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How much math is actually required when programming?

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What's the best client for torrenting? I've used things like qbittorrent before but I want to know if there's something better.

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What's your main browser? I like to use Pale Moon with a Netscape theme to browse old sites, Brave for more general stuff, and regular Firefox as a general alternative

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I think I downloaded a virus(?) after watching an anime in a streaming website on my brother's pc, hes gonna kill me. Like in the pic related appear when I open google WHAT DO?!

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Trying to tackle programming a game. Or several. I think i know all the features and how it looks, it just the coding that seems to elude me. I think it d be nice to memorize picrel but there are other things than that so how do i sort of, think thru the codes Its in gml too. It has some how tos but v limited

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Do you like to mess with circuits /t/?

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How 2 exit it?? Is it malcious software?