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Anonymous 06/24/2024 (Mon) 19:37:09 No. 5465
I'm stuck in bed with flu and completely bored. What should I do? I tried gaming but my head hurts too much
Your fortune: Bad Luck
>>5465 I don't know about flu but recently I had a day where I woke up feeling horrible and I spent most of the day on my bed, and most of the time was spent sleeping, though when I was awake I was in a weak conscious state where I couldn't get "bored".
>>5466 It's rare that I get bored because I'm always thinking about something. When you're sick it may hurt to think too much so maybe all you can do is go to sleep.
>>5465 just sleep, whenever i feel sick i dream of the best girls.
>>5467 >>5468 I can't sleep though my head hurts too much. I'm just stuck in bed all day and bored as hell.
I eat spicy food, bone broth and ginger and have green tea when sick.
i feel dead sick holy cirno please deliver me from this pain I WANT TO SCREAM DAMN IT
I am fucking dying right now please tell me where do I dig up the internal strength to overcome this pain I feel like going crazy HEAVENS KILL ME RIGHT NOW AM I ASKING FOR TOO MUCH PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE
Took the pill if pain doesn't stop I'm fetching rope
>>5489 Do you want someone to talk to or just hang out in the presence of? Maybe it would help
>>5490 Nothing but a pill can save me from this malady. What's the point of hanging out in the presence of somebody if all I do is rolling on the floor begging for mercy kill because my head feels like somebody's trying to open it from inside?
It's insanely hot right now. I am literally melting. Summers are unbearable for poorfags like me who can't afford conditioning.

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