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Anonymous 06/13/2024 (Thu) 03:51:07 No. 5325
Do you usually take the marbles out of Ramune bottles? Picrel has the cap removed but I was never able to take them off when I had them since they were really stuck on. Although it's maybe because I'm just too weak
no i throw away the bottle after drinking it
Just like other "Japanese" items like Pocky or translated manga volumes, Ramune is an expensive novelty item for teenagers LARPing as weaboos. I only tried it once, when someone else who bought it shared a bit with me.
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Weirdly I havent tried any yet even though it is carried at some stores where I am. >>5327 Ramune was invented by a Brit. The bottles are cool though.
>>5327 I haven't bought it under the notion it's a "Japanese" item, I just thought it tasted pretty good and that the bottles are neat
>>5325 I can barely even open a bottle of ramune in the first place because of the marble and being so weak. I like the taste but the whole thing with the marble is more of an annoyance to me. I would rather just have it in a normal bottle.
Never ever tried, its super pricy and rarely can be found in my area
(66.53 KB 600x600 4902179008824.jpg)

i've tried removing the cap before but never been able to. over the past 6 years ive bought ramune maybe 10 times? price isn't an issue for me but rather the fact they are only 200ml. i do enjoy these ramubottles though

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