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Anonymous 06/06/2024 (Thu) 08:51:38 No. 5270
These are honest to god some of the best food I have eaten. Quick and easy to prepare and very delicious.
>>5270 Trying to advertise on hikari3? That's low...
>>5273 This isn't an advertisement
>>5270 That's nice but what about the price? To me that's the most important factor for buying food, or most things really.
>>5285 The most important factor is nutrition!
>>5352 Haven't tried these before but I severely doubt they have a good amount of nutrition.
>>5354 Yeah and that's exactly my point. It's probably cheaper and less mentally taxing to buy this kind of stuff but it's literally just cheese and bread. You're not getting anything from it.
>>5270 Greatest snack food of all time. very real very true.

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