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Anonymous 06/04/2024 (Tue) 12:16:17 No. 5261
Life is boring
Your fortune: Outlook good
Take drugs to past the time!
Better than life being hell
i used to think that too but im now scared that im attracted to my 8 year old imouto what do i do?????
>>5265 Get a girlfriend.
>>5265 Today I dreamt that I was in an orgy and that my female cousin started to make out with me It felt so weird
>>5265 >>5267 Stop, hikari3chan does not condone incest.
>>5268 I condone it.
>>5267 How do people have these dreams? I almost never have dreams
>>5279 >I almost never have dreams Sorry, you're an automaton with no soul.
Unless you have insomnia or something maybe you could try prolonging sleep so you wont have to spend as much time concious, maybe get some OTC pills or something
>>5279 Relatable, at the end of the day i am just knocked out.
Maybe you do have dreams but you just don't remember them

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