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Anonymous 05/30/2024 (Thu) 05:22:18 No. 5178
What's something nice someone has done to/for you that has stuck with you throughout the years?
There was a girl in my class that I didn't really know but she complimented me by saying I was funny
Several years ago, I was at a gaming convention and I was short on 0.50€ to buy a discounted gaming headset/keyboard/mouse set, and a random guy gave me the missing money. I have lost interest in "gaming", but I still use this keyboard and mouse. Though the headset got broken.
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>>5178 There was this guy in an old MMO called Granado Espada who was selling a paid character and was willing to hold onto her and even help me out getting the exorbitant amount of in-game money for her. In retrospect, she was quite underpowered so I don't think there was anybody else who was willing to buy her, but I really, really loved that character and wanted to reunite her with her girlfriend. Pic related she's the one of the left.
A cashier at a convenience store gave me some of her money since I was short on a few cents when I was trying to buy something.
Nothing because nobody is nice to me
>>5269 I hope you have a good day anon!
fuck theres literally nothing i can think of
My pops threw me ought when I was like 8 years old. Some old lady in the same building let me stay with her a couple months till I moved in with my moms. She died nearly two years ago.

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