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Anonymous 05/12/2024 (Sun) 21:33:51 No. 5000
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>>5000 Why do you care to claim the 5000th post? Did syrno promise to give money to the 5000th poster? Did god command you to claim the 5000th hikari3 post in your dreams? You have posted the 5000th post. Now what? You have done what you sought to do and nothing comes in return. It was pointless; it was meaningless. Why did you seek the 5000th post but not the 4571th post? Is it because the integer 5000 has a simpler representation in base-10 notation? Nothing of value was added to your life. Nothing of value achieved.
>>5008 Someone is salty they didn't get to claim the >>5000 themselves
>>5009 yea im second this
(1.36 MB 1024x1536 image.png)

herro everynyan!!! howar u? fain thenk u!
>>5008 Why did YOU care to make this post? What do you win by making this post?
>>5013 Hello our beloved prime minister. Good luck on the next election!

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