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Anonymous 02/02/2024 (Fri) 01:11:00 No. 4175
Are you having a valentine this year? I won't
(547.12 KB 480x270 hug.gif)

>>4175 How about we having a valentine together, anon?
Your fortune: Godly Luck
(181.11 KB 650x920 EnzuhRCUwAAzz1u.jpeg)

i'll spend valentine's day with my favorite characters...
Alone again as usual
(143.45 KB 500x579 steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.gif)

>>4176 One last revival of the IRC channel before it's revival again until next Valentine's Day sound like a good idea.
I will spend it with my lovely FUMO friends.
>>4175 I am indeed. we picked out regular lingerie for the occasion. normally we go with cosplays but we're going full on this year.
Your fortune: Better not tell you now
>>4270 ...are you both wearing lingerie?
>>4175 can u be my valentine?
>>4271 I'm her ojisan, she's wearing the lingerie (o w o)!
>>4280 >You're her uncle What is it with this place and incest.
>>4281 oh no, I meant I'm an ojisan, generally. of course we aren't directly related! that'd be gross. what I meant was, I'm THE ojisan in the relationship.
>>4175 i won't be having one either anon. however my friend's birthday is on Valentines day so at least i'll have something else to celebrate!
Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
Oh. It's that day again. And I have the whole day off to think about it.
>>4306 I wish I had whole day off as well. No, not that I have someone for today. I need to work.

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