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05/21/24 Happy birthday hikari3! (News post)
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Anonymous 05/31/2024 (Fri) 19:30:13 No. 5198 [Reply]
How do I get rid of hemorrhoids? I drink a lot of water and don't sit on the toilet for too long, though I guess I eat some unhealthy food. And of course, I don't insert things into my ass or anything like that. I think I have some family members who also have it so maybe it's genetic... <this post gets bumplocked/deleted despite not breaking any rules
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>>5200 >You should probably see your doctor I'm asking on an anonymous imageboard precisely because it's embarrassing.
>>5198 If you haven't already, get preparation H, you can find it in pharmacies. I don't know with certainty if it helps get rid of them, but it will greatly ease the discomfort.
>>5198 Eat prunes and dont touch salt or oil for 2 days.
Just dont try to pop it. I made that mistake. It did not burst but it sucked it back into my body possibly causing vascular damage leading to more in the future had the issue ever since that first one. I have to deal with bleeding often too since my body wont give me enough time to heal unless i were to go without food for a week or something.
So many surprise boxes...

(4.98 MB 3840x2160 1665961891002174.jpg)

Cyberpunk Anonymous 05/22/2024 (Wed) 22:10:47 No. 5113 [Reply]
let's talk about the cyberpunk genre High tech, low life
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>>5181 >Neuromancer Reading this book feels really weird and wacky like it was written in the future
>>5254 is it entertzining so far, isn't it?
>>5255 I'm not that other anon, I already read it It was hard to read, but it's certainly unique and influential
This is like saying that the average seasonal anime is in any way unique. It follows a formula that was the product of previous iterations and was itself iterated upon once it proved to be commercially successful.
>>5257 what do you mean, please 3xplain

(147.76 KB 810x810 Button.png)

Anonymous 06/01/2024 (Sat) 00:51:50 No. 5204 [Reply]
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(643.56 KB 1200x630 100863839.png)

(2.16 KB 136x136 untit2led.jpg)

>>5222 what.
(102.75 KB 960x712 d44bghv9qrb01.jpg)

>>5227 >>5239 NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

(10.75 KB 360x360 unt6itled (1).png)

Anonymous 06/02/2024 (Sun) 13:13:06 No. 5238 [Reply]
good morning - chi

(5.00 KB 136x136 untitled (16).png)

me 06/02/2024 (Sun) 02:22:48 No. 5233 [Reply]
What's her name?

Anonymous 05/18/2024 (Sat) 19:20:20 No. 5039 [Reply]
Does /en/ like chocolate?
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do those mint chocolates that you find on your pillow at hotels or on your napkin at resteraunts count? those are good
I don't know how people can eat chocolate in large quantities. Any kind of chocolate is just too rich and sweet for me. The only chocolate I can eat a bag of is M&M's since they're tiny, but they're still very sweet. I prefer any other kind of candy.
American chocolate tastes kinda like vomit. I have heard european chocolate doesn't but i've never tried it. I don't mind having chocolate as a part of a candy but i don't really eat it on its own
>>5275 Most other candies feel too artificial and elaborate for me. It feels much better to take a bite of a rich, sweet and full bar of chocolate or a cake than to chew on a rubbery piece of candy. Generally, the sweeter it is, the better, but most candies are made to be disgustingly sweet.
>>5293 It's mostly hersheys that has the vom taste, but European chocolate is definitely nicer. I really like Milka.

(87.65 KB 636x446 kizuna sleeping.jpg)

Anonymous 05/26/2024 (Sun) 08:29:45 No. 5131 [Reply]
What time do you usually sleep? I typically sleep around 5-7 AM. I feel like I'm more productive past midnight
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>>5138 Wouldn't that dry out your eyes? I have to put in eye drops before I sleep because if they feel dry I can't sleep.
(184.98 KB 896x1189 sleepy.jpg)

On weekdays I have to wake up at around 8 AM, so I usually try to go to bed between 12 ~ 1.30 AM. There were times when I had bad habits and could be at the computer up to 4 AM, though. It takes me some time to fall asleep but most of the time it's within 1 hour. I also often consume coffee or energy drinks in the morning, but back when I consistently went late to bed I had to drink energy drinks every day. Any lack of sleep is "compensated" so to speak, though. More long term, on weekends I get out of bed kind of late, around 11 AM, but sometimes it may be as late as 1 PM. And more short term, if I don't sleep a lot in the previous few nights, I start having naps in the afternoon. >>5131 What? You're just killing yourself by sleeping 2 hours. Unless you mean that you GO TO sleep at around 5-7 AM (and wake up several hours later). Though when my brother was 12 he sometimes would do all-nighters when the parents weren't at home, up to 2 consecutive nights. That's pretty bad, but I guess he was a bit crazy (well, all kids around that age are).
>>5140 >You're just killing yourself by sleeping 2 hours. Oops, I meant that's the time range I start sleeping at... should've been more clear. My apologies I wake up around 12-3 PM
>>5131 Same, usually 5-6am but sometimes 8am depending on work. My therapist said its because when its that late its the only time I feel in control of my life so I want to stay up longer to have that feeling.
>>5131 anywhere from 6PM to 6PM of the day after.

(89.87 KB 640x480 Yaoi lover.jpg)

Anonymous 05/20/2024 (Mon) 17:41:34 No. 5086 [Reply]
i want to make a new thread but i don't know what to say
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>>5086 You've come to open a new discussion, with no discussion. To speak, with nothing to speak of. But there was some desire to do something, an attempt to reconcile a motive. Is a new thread to talk in really what you want? What is it really that's itching you? This isn't something to be scorned though, one way or the other. We all have that will to peruse an absent objective. Our own threads we don't know what to do with.
>>5086 Say whatever's on your mind
We can talk about the girl in op pic looking at yaoi
>>5116 if your her friend and you catch her watching yaoi porn, what do you do
>>5137 I don't know, I can't imagine having a female friend unless she was a love interest (or I was g*y myself).

(402.11 KB 944x1024 5iBg1fEgNrZ.png)

Anonymous 05/21/2024 (Tue) 02:05:37 No. 5092 [Reply]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIKARI3 I always wondered if Hikari-chan was supposed to be a being of light. Well, if she wasn't, she is now, poor candle can't even compete.
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>>5092 It doenst stick lol
>>5104 And I was here >>5103
>>5118 CUTE

(287.36 KB 1024x768 1579874631029.jpg)

(79.27 KB 679x619 1709140377390.jpg)

Anonymous 05/24/2024 (Fri) 15:58:30 No. 5123 [Reply]
i wish you a good friday night and good end of the week
sex with neco arc.