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Visual Novel Anonymous 05/27/2024 (Mon) 21:58:26 No. 718
let's have visual novel thread. >how many VN have you read? >what is the best VN you've read? >what is the worst? I've only read a bit of thee house in fata morgana haha
I'm playing Bible Black right now. Its better than I imagined based on what I know from the OVA. The plot is absurd like who would keep a ritual room in the school basement without cleaning up the mess? But so far its been fun. The occult references were nice. Saeki has a surprisingly accurate collection of books. Some of the artwork and sprites haven't aged well and the fetish content threw me off.
>what is the worst? The best western """VN""" is worse than the worst Japanese VN. Also a VN becomes 80% worse when reading a translation (compared to manga which is 50% and anime which is 30%), aside from the fact that only a small portion of VNs got translated, so if you're serious about VNs you have to start learning Japanese.

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