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Is it worth it collecting physical copies anymore? Anonymous 06/08/2023 (Thu) 23:23:29 Id:cad194 No. 44
Everything is saved digitally. Unless every single computer were to randomly explode, these digital copies aren't going away. I still like to collect physical game copies, but mostly older titles. There's no point to this either since emulation has progressively been getting better. The only reason I get physical copies now is just because they they look cool on a shelf, although a lot of newer covers don't really look as cool.
>>44 Your choice. If you don't like physical copies, don't buy them. If you do, buy them. If you want more convenience, go with digital, if you want something a bit extra, go with physical. I personally prefer digital, I just can't be bothered with the process of switching games everytime
(958.11 KB 1200x1697 1671324679741226.jpg)

digital for PC (because of steam) and most modern PCs like mine dont even have disk drives so it's not worth it for PC at least, although i dont even know why youd get physical copies for PC. i dont know what to say for consoles cause I dont own any, nor am i interested in owning any
(125.60 KB 1200x900 a gamer.jpg)

>>44 i just like to look at the boxart, and i don't view having to get up and manually switch out the disk/cartridge as a negative. to me it just sounds lazy when people complain about that >these digital copies aren't going away (...) There's no point to this either since emulation has progressively been getting better. digital stores shut down and/or lose functionality on older consoles like the 3ds and psvita, respectively (though that's less a point against digital gaming in general and more moreso a thing about anti preservation, planned obsolescence, and bad business practices, but still a reason as to why some people, at least on consoles, would rather get something physically) and, ignoring any moral qualms one might have with piracy and/or emulation, emulation doesn't work quite right with more specialized hardware, like the 3ds, psvita, and wii. and for newer hardware like the switch or the ps4, hard drive/sd card space is a valid concern. there's a bit more to it than "physical owners just can't let go of the past and are too blind to see that digital is just better". though really, i just hate when people have to go out of their way to justify stuff like this to themselves or start fights over it to prove that their way of thinking is superior. i don't really care too much either way what reasoning people have for having a preference.
>>44 I would say no since these will deteriorate as time goes on and one day will no longer be readable. I do miss the times when games had instruction manuals tough
>>380 I don't really like instruction manuals, I prefer things to be explained in the game instead. Mainly just because I don't feel like looking through a booklet for the info.
>>380 i have a handful of switch games that have instruction manuals...
>>380 You mean bit rot?
>>381 Instruction manuals had cool art tough >>387 yes
(275.39 KB 1280x800 2030-is-already-here.jpg)

>>44 PIRATE EVERYTHING (Though if you really want to buy stuff, then buy physical copies)
>>380 So will the hard drive within the device you're sing though
reminder that when buying a game, you need to buy the consol that work with the game. it costs more

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