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black souls 1 & 2 Anonymous 09/14/2023 (Thu) 16:42:10 Id:0a7825 No. 352
the black souls series is a video game where you play as a protagonist in a world inspired bu fairy tales. made with rpg maker, the game plays lile a 'soulslike' but turn by turn gameplay. I played the first game and like 10 of the second game, but played the first game more. I wanted to know if beating hansel and gretel in the witch's house (the first hansel and gretel you see in the begining of the game) is something easy or did I make an achievment I've made. also beside the porn is the game really worth it? the game doesn't help you understand what are object about so I get a bit lost at the begining.
I'm not the biggest fan of RPG Maker gamers, but this one looks interesting. I'll take note of it
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new fanmade chinese DLC translation dropped https://nitter.privacydev.net/akatsukusalt/status/1705379234024444299 >>353 if you try it please let me know and what did you think of the game, thank you
I heard the developper like to draw all the game by himself or most of it for bs3. I wish he'd do it. have you heard of it?

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