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Anonymous 05/03/2024 (Fri) 21:47:17 No. 536
My Artix broke after updating and rebooting..
Have you fixed it yet?
>>548 yes
>>536 You could say you gave it an artix-attack! :^)
>>536 Just use Gentoo and be done with it.
What's wrong with normal Arch? The only reason some people "hate" systemd is because someone on youtube or 4ddit told them that it's bad. If you use any Chrome or Firefox-based browser that's a piece of software that's 9999 times more bloated and 9999 times more vulnerable than systemd.
>>557 There were multiple occasions where my machine wouldn't probably turn off because off systemd plus dinit is faster.
>>557 https://artixlinux.org/news.php#The_xz_package_has_been_backdoored The popular the software is the more hackers attention it gets You are right about Chrome and Firefox but unfortunately we don't have a good replacement for them but with the init system we have replacements

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