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how to make your own imageboard? Anonymous 05/02/2024 (Thu) 20:57:28 No. 529
I want to make my own imageboard but I don't know how to make one. I don't know how to code haha. how to host it online and paying servers? I alao want it to support a lot of files (like webm, webp, gif, pdf, etc...)
I'm a little curious, why do you want to make an imageboard, and what for?
>>530 I want to have my own imageboard with my own rules. nevermind this project will never be
(535.01 KB 674x679 fgsfds.png)

>>531 No, you gotta believe in yourself! You could go to one of those imageboards that allows you to make your own board, but the communities on those sites usually aren't great. If you wanna run your own site, you should look at the different imageboard engines, the only one I don't recommend is vichan. That's where my knowledge on this subject ends unfortunately. ;__;
(137.73 KB 937x894 1714753466397948.jpg)

>>533 thank you fren!! but I want to make my own imageboard from scratch!
>>534 Ooh, sounds tough, even moot didn't create 4chan from scratch, he took the code from Futaba Channel. I'm not quite sure how you'd go about this but I wish you luck.
(590.74 KB 831x1200 1714486477924102.jpg)

>>535 thank you very much, I wish you were my friend irl, you're cool. yeah I know it's atough work to do something from scratch.
>>538 No problem! I hope you can do it, maybe you can create something new with the format.
>>530 >>533 >>535 nice osaka pics
>>541 I wish!
>>541 thank you!
>>535 He was 15, and retarded also :p

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