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Gentoo Linux General Anonymous 03/18/2024 (Mon) 03:07:08 No. 449
Any Gentoo Friends on this board? If so tell me what you love or hate about it. What USE flags do you use? In the meanwhile I will post some of my favorite Gentoo Desktops!!
(302.82 KB 1920x1080 genchu.jpg)

>>449 Here's a cool wallpaper from april fools day
(1.78 MB 1366x768 daab.png)

(614.35 KB 1366x768 1544044415721.png)

>>450 heres one last desktop That I really like
I want to learn how to set up Gentoo one day. Currently on Linux Mint.
>>453 Linux mint is comfy! Gentoo isnt too hard just follow the instructions on the wiki or a YouTube video. It just takes a while because you have to install packages from source which is cpu intense
>>454 Yes, it's comfy. I just want to be able to do more things in depth on my main PC with Gentoo in the future. I could move Linux Mint to one of my thinkpad laptops.
>>451 Please share your wallpaper... I love owls!
(517.04 KB 2000x1300 owl.jpg)

>>458 Yes here you go anon
(104.66 KB 800x1068 gentoo.jpg)

The only thing I hate is the slow emerge times , but it's because I have a shitty laptop Surprisingly this is the most stable I've felt using a linux distro
You guys just made me interested in gentoo again. I used it for a couple years back when i was a noob and exploring. It was a bit difficult to set up then , over 10hrs of compilation. LOL this time it'll be much easier
i love gentoo and i used it for years, but i got tired of having to compile everything, takes too damn long. i use debian now.
>>507 we need more of this

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