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Hikari3 Spring 2024 Seasonal Anime Thread! 名無し 03/20/2024 (Wed) 19:34:03 No. 900
Second verse, same as the first! The longer daylight hours means more time to watch anime! What'll you be watching? Want to talk about an anime as it's airing? Post about it here!
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there's...nothing that really catches my next season. dire... Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi seems like something i should be interested in, so i'll try it. i might watch HIGHSPEED Etoile's first episode for the protagonist alone, but i'm not into sports stuff, so i might drop it after that. speaking of, this season is starting to make me reconsider my stance on 3dcg anime; coming from the guy that thinks the number of (visually, if nothing else) good 3dcg anime far outweighs the number of bad, i feel like there are an abnormally high amount of them this season. there are...i think either 3 or 4 full 3dcg anime this season, and they all visually look really off, i hope it doesn't become super commonplace or anything.
Oomuro-ke and maybe the one with the train.
This season is a bit rougher but there's some original anime, although most of them don't look that appealing... Even then, I'll give them a try. I'll watch things like Girls Band Cry, Shuumatsu Train, and Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai. Highspeed Etoile looks somewhat interesting and it's about a sport I like, so I'm watching it. The one thing I'm looking the most forward to is The Fable. I never finished the manga but I did remember that I liked it a lot, so I'm curious to see if it's a great adaptation. Aside from it there's a few things that look interesting like Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi and Seiyuu Radio that I'm definitely watching.
Planning on watching: >One Room, Hiatari Futsuu, Tenshi-tsuki. >Kami wa Game ni Uete Iru. >Ookami to Koushinryou: Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf >Shuumatsu Train Doko e Iku? >Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai I wouldn't be particularly interested in some random shoujo anime, but I've seen people "complain" about the manga having a "stalker" male main character, so that makes it more interesting to me. >Yuru Camp Season 3 According to a Japanese poll, the overwhelming majority of Yuru Camp fans are male, and in their 40's, as expected of a show about camping. >Henjin no Salad Bowl >Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 3 >Oi! Tonbo >Hibike! Euphonium 3 >Jii-san Baa-san Wakagaeru Honorable concept. Old people should become young again and actually contribute to something. >Yozakura-san Chi no Daisakusen >Mushoku Tensei II: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu (2024) >Date a Live V >Seiyuu Radio no Uraomote >Sasayaku You ni Koi o Utau I will wait and see what people say: <Astro Note Art looks kind of shoujo/josei-ish, and main female character is a hag. But maybe the side girls are cute. <Himitsu no AiPri Whatever this is even supposed to be about? I have a feeling like it might end up just being an ad for some phone game. <Tonari no Youkai-san May be interesting, but also looks like it might end up being too "safe" and anti-niche the way movie anime often are. <Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai May or may not have some done-to-death "just be urself bro :))" "message". <Rinkai! Girls are semi-hags. I have a feeling like this show might end up being "safe" and unnaturally abstain from fanservice. <Girls Band Cry CG. <Blue Archive the Animation I feel very conflicted about this one, and Blue Archive stuff in general. It's South Korean cultural imperialism, but at the same time I like the character designs. <Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid (2024) Looks like CG. >>901 [spoiler]I have no interest in the first one because of the extremely unappealing female MC. I also have no interest in the second one because of the... diverse... characters.[spoiler]
>>905 oh, i think i recognize you from smug! small world. >Blue Archive i feel similarly, though i guess my problem is less that it's korean and moreso that it feels like they're trying to trick people into enjoying it by having everything related to it be..."japanese"-enough for people to get mad at you when you point it out. also i hate when good character designs are wasted on gacha. i'd respect them infinitely more if they didn't make actual scam games. the absolute fucking nerve of some people online, saying that the game industry is falling and coming up with every excuse possible to pirate every new release, including stuff from smaller japanese developers, and then choosing to spend their money on chinese and korean phone games...but this is complaining meant for another time. >Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai >I've seen people "complain" about the manga having a "stalker" male main character, so that makes it more interesting to me. i think the last shoujo i watched was Lv999 Romance with Yamada-kun (which i really liked!) but hearing that there's a stalker mc makes me really interested, too. i, uh...really like characters with yandere tendencies, i guess...
>>900 man, last season was tough, I dropped more than half of my picks. some got boring, some were so good I got impatient and ended up reading the manga/ln which also ruined them for me. dorkness was an exception because the anime diverges from the ln very early on so you can enjoy both this season I will go with the usual comedy, reincarnation, fantasy and shoujo ai -type fast-food content. I will however, avoid - sequels, because I don't remember the previous parts - anything that mixes school and fantasy themes, because it gets too low quality, even for me I want to watch the seiyu radio one but the manga is still fresh in my memory even though I read it a long time ago and didn't really like it. considering the social commentary it carries it's crazy that the author clearly prefers to draw loli and only did this one for the money. oh and there is a worrying lack of cgdct this season. here is a tentative list: >Jiisan Baasan Wakagaeru >Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf wo Yome ni Shitanda ga, Dou Medereba Ii? >Lv2 kara Cheat datta Motoyuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life (*) >Tensei Kizoku, Kantei Skill de Nariagaru (*) >Kaii to Otome to Kamikakushi (**) >Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai >Seiyuu Radio no Uraomote (***) >Dekisokonai to Yobareta Motoeiyuu wa Jikka kara Tsuihou sareta node Sukikatte ni Ikiru Koto ni Shita (*) >Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau >Unnamed Memory >Tensei shitara Dainana Ouji Datta node, Kimama ni Majutsu wo Kiwamemasu *: these are kind of bad but I will give them a chance **: this one I will watch for the /ss/ potential ***: only if it diverges from the original material thanks for reading my blog, expect an update in two months. I did read all the other replies in this thread and I think you guys should give low quality pleasure a chance. what's wrong with indulging in power fantasies, cliche romances and cute girls once in a while?
(54.79 KB 343x268 bro2.png)

>>909 >considering the social commentary it carries Doesn't sound good (especially because of the "it's crazy that the author clearly prefers to draw loli and only did this one for the money" part), what sort of thing specifically?
(657.73 KB 1133x1027 i don't like them.png)

>>909 >I think you guys should give low quality pleasure a chance. what's wrong with indulging in power fantasies, cliche romances and cute girls once in a while? trust me, i don't mind unapologetic cliches either, it's just literally nothing has caught my eye lol. maybe i'll be pleasantly surprised later on, but who knows. doesn't help that i genuinely hate high fantasy as a setting and it's been flooding every season for the past several years now. i just want more modern-day stuff, man...
(893.17 KB 1350x1920 012.png)

>>912 the usual "our showbiz culture is bad" spiel but with an above-average delivery. it sounds bad but it is a genre that has existed since the 90s and there are rules the authors don't cross so it never gets as ugly as it could the ln author doesn't care about the series or the premise but still manages to do a very good job. maybe because he doesn't care and isn't trying to be artsy or controversial
>>900 After seeing a clip online, I started watching Girls Band Cry I'm enjoying it so far. Even for CGI, it's well animated, and the art style is not offputting The main character can be a little obnoxious sometimes tho, and I don't enjoy the cliché musical moments
well, I dropped more than half of my picks, not necessarily because they were bad but because I haven't been in the mood. right now I'm only following the fanservice / power fantasy ones: >Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf wo Yome ni Shitanda ga, Dou Medereba Ii? >Lv2 kara Cheat datta Motoyuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life >Tensei Kizoku, Kantei Skill de Nariagaru >Tensei shitara Dainana Ouji Datta node, Kimama ni Majutsu wo Kiwamemasu this last one, dainanaoji, is really bad but the heroines, the fanservice and the animation are too good. and it hasn't made the mistake of taking itself seriously (yet) >Yoru no Kurage wa Oyogenai >Henjin no Salad Bowl I don't want to bury these two in the backlog but they keep talking about the internet and I just tune out, and it's weird because usually I don't even pay that much attention to the dialogs in anime
This is the best anime of the season and it's just depressing and even somewhat disgusting to see "people" whine about it being "generic" and not having enough contrived novelties (as far as dragging down the AniDB rating to 3/10) when it's objectively very cute and comfy and funny.
>>963 I'm watching Tenshi-tsuki, Sasayaku, Aipri, Hibike, Jiisan, Mushoku, Shuumatsu, Seiyuu, Date, Camp, Hananoi, and Salad. Tenshi-tsuki is the best one and I'm also liking Sasayaku, Shuumatsu, and Seiyuu. I was reluctant to watching Seiyuu because of the supposed social commentary but I picked it up after seeing some fanservice screenshots. I like Watanabe and I'm finding her to be a bit relatable, just like Akira from Shuumatsu. I also watched the first episode of the wolf anime remake (I have never watched the original) but I dropped it as soon as I saw people on the internet talk about it being NTR. I don't really have a problem with those isekai/power fantasy anime but I avoid watching them because I usually don't really find medieval/fantasy settings to be interesting, I unironically prefer modern Japan. About Kurage and Salad... I didn't watch the former because I didn't find the whole "da streets" rebel punk "just be urself bro" atmosphere interesting, and I have even less interest now that I see people claiming that it puts emphasis on social media and also idealizes divorced single mothers and the like (I also found it ridiculous how there was a character obsessed with westoid capeshit). The latter is OK, but I'm honestly finding it a bit boring because it seems to be focusing a lot on adult characters.
(226.19 KB 1920x1080 jelly_4.jpg)

>>964 I missed this one because I thought it was a new season of the other "one room" show (which I liked but I don't remember enough to watch the sequels). it is indeed very good and possibly the best of this season >>965 the social commentary comes later on and defines the end of the "first arc" so to speak. but the girls are cute so it is ok. the wolf girl anime... I would probably just watch the original but it is too long and I get the feeling it tries to be "serious fantasy" at some point, and I'm going to sound like a nerd for saying this but I think most japanese authors have little to no understanding of how medieval societies worked and when they try to be serious about it it breaks my suspension of disbelief honestly I don't mind the social takes but while they baited me with scenes like this in the first episode, the second and third failed to deliver anything similar

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