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Anonymous 04/09/2024 (Tue) 01:30:38 No. 492
What's your text editor of choice? Vim for me
>>492 Visual Studio Code for general-purpose programming/file editing JetBrains IDEs if I need a lot of refactoring , linting or code generation tools (Neo)Vim if I need to use the terminal or for a quick file change
I use a pen and paper and then key in the code with vim
>>492 post .vimrc
>>492 Kate, no rice no nothing. It werkz.
Emacs. Vim is cool too.
>>513 An Emacs user not insulting Vim? Impossible
>>527 Neovim is pretty fun to configure
>>549 More like pain in the ass to configure
Your fortune: Average Luck
(40.78 KB 480x530 erika-smug-creepy.jpeg)

https://vimuser.org/ https://www.emacsuser.org/ Just going to leave those here and let you use your judgement.
Emacs syntax highlighting is as if it were not even there, it escapes me how you guys can navigate that in anything above 1000 lines. Macros are neigh indistinguishable from normal text.

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