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whatzat 名無し 04/14/2024 (Sun) 12:18:22 No. 933
question for all those interested in ancient egyptian writings what those hieroglyphs stand for source metal rogue (crappiest show tbh)
>>933 where are the hieroglyphs? I can't see them
>>935 stuff like that
>>933 I don't know if this is really /jp/ related. Anyway, here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Egyptian_hieroglyphs >>945 >Opera(...).jpg Opera is a Chinese spyware and the VPN is a honeypot, don't use it. Brave is overall better.
>>946 This is /aca/core
Brave creators hate lolicon and ask for you passport to use their cryptoscam, lol safety at its finest. And opera is just opera.
>>948 >Brave creators hate lolicon Source??? Either way, as long as you can USE the BROWSER for looking/getting loli stuff, it does not matter. >and ask for you passport to use their cryptoscam The crypto scam is completely optional. >lol safety at its finest Yes, it's open source. >And opera is just opera. Opera used to be an independent browser 15 years ago, but nowadays it's a Chrome reskin. Brave is also a Chrome reskin, but unlike Opera, it does not send all you browsing history to the Chinese government https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/opera Anyway, I'm not shilling for Brave or anything. I personally use LibreWolf for most things, but I use Brave for invasive real world bullshit-related websites and the like and it works well enough.
Please keep the thread on its original topic
there is heluva amount of hieroglyphs and even more when combined screenshot obviously represents one but without dictionary or a person who got ancient egypt on a fingertips it's more or less useless to tryina recognize the intent it could be name possibly

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